How To Differentiate Your Company and Sell More Security Services

According to the latest surveys, more than half of MSPs DO NOT perform internal vulnerability scans for their clients . . .  even though virtually all of them say internal vulnerability scanning plays a critical role in IT security.

When asked WHY they don’t do it, the most common reason MSPs gave is that internal vulnerability scanning costs too much, and their clients won’t pay for it.

But now that there are affordable internal vulnerability scanners available, MSPs need to learn how to use them to differentiate themselves from competitors, and to use the scan results to sell in enhanced IT security services.

This e-Book tells you how:
  • Some quick industry stats and trends demonstrating the rising need for internal vulnerability scanning
  • A recap on what internal vulnerability scanners will discover
  • The connection between internal vulnerability scanning and patching
  • Addressing the MSP’s dilemma of cost vs. revenue
  • The affordable solution purpose built-for MSPs
  • How to make the case to your clients

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Inspector 2

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