The question is not IF one of your clients get hacked — it’s which clients, when, and how much the breaches will cost.

That’s why it’s so essential that MSPs have their own adequate cyber liability coverage, and that each individual client is also covered.

During the webinar you will hear cyber insurance expert Kirsten Bay, CEO of Cysurance, discuss the different types of cyber insurance available for MSPs and their clients, and explains the new role that MSPs can play in this industry.

Watch this webinar and learn how:

  • How insurance companies PROTECT THEMSELVES from paying claims based on what’s in their policy application forms
  • How you, as an MSP, can use the insurance policy application as the centerpiece of your own, branded cyber risk “assurance” offering
  • How to offer a valuable cyber risk insurance policy to all your clients, either as a primary or supplemental policy, and protect yourself at the same time.