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Many MSPs don’t know that they are already providing compliance services and don’t even know it!

Compliance simply means that you are confirming that the privacy and security policies for each of your clients are being followed, AND that you’ve got the documentation to prove it.

Some clients in specific industries — like healthcare, finance, government and education — have IT privacy and security standards that they are required to follow. But EVERY client should have their own basic set of IT policies and procedures that need to be followed in order to ensure their own security and data privacy. As an MSP, it’s your responsibity to track make sure that’s happening and to document it.

AND, your clients should be paying you for this vital service. This e-Book is your starting point to getting ready to offer Compliance-as-a-Service.

Inside you’ll discover:
  • All the basics about understanding IT Compliance
  • The right questions to ask your clients to begin your engagement
  • What constitutes evidence of compliance to prove “Due Care.”
  • How to package and price your compliance service offering
  • Purpose-built tools for MSPs to get started making more money immediately.

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