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The MSP’s Steps to Success: How To Accurately Scope & Quote New Customers And Onboard Them Faster

Most MSPs know that they should use IT Assessments for prospecting purposes or as a paid IT audit project.But the elite MSPs also routinely perform IT assessments before signing any new clients to guide the entire scoping, quoting and onboarding process.

Doing an IT assessment at this stage of the Managed Services Client Lifecycle ensures that every client relationship starts out profitably and remains so over the long haul. In this 30-minute, fast-paced session, we’ll walk you through the results of a mock assessment of a newly won client and show you which reports you should run and the “gotchas” to look for to factor into your final pricing . . . and maybe even identify some immediate upsell opportunities.

We’ll also show you how to use the data collected during the discovery process to streamline your client onboarding – making it much easier and less expensive to get up and running with your new accounts.

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