Many businesses were not prepared for the sudden shift of resources from offices to employees’ homes, leaving many organizations vulnerable to data breaches and internal threats.

MSPs can help clients and prospects during this trying situation that has triggered an exponential growth of remote workers.

Read our work-from-home scanning advisory and learn how you can help identify vulnerabilities in the home computers of your clients’ remote employees before they connect to the corporate network.


  • What issues you can discover with a quick, easy assessment
  • How to run reports on all employees’ personal computers
  • How you can help to maintain security of remote employee network connections through regular scans

As a bonus, when you complete the form, you will also have access to download our new MSP Guide for Teleworker Assessments.

This is literally the “instruction manual” that we give to our MSP users explaining how to safely and quickly scan the home computers of their remote employees, but also examples of the data you get back.

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