400+ Million Windows 7 PCs Are Still Out There

It’s crazy how many Windows 7 machines are still out there . . . but that’s what makes finding new work almost as easy as shooting ducks in the proverbial barrel.

Tons of companies still have PCs running unsupported on Windows 7, which means they haven’t been patched or updated, and are super vulnerable to viruses and malware.

And with so many employees now working from home using their own PCs, the threat to them and their employers is huge.

Learn about why there are still so many Windows 7 machines in use, plus how to convince your clients and prospects to finally upgrade.

What’s inside:

  • The huge market of legacy Windows 7 machines still out there
  • Overcoming client objections
  • Turning an OS assessment into a full IT audit
  • Reports that will help you pitch your services

Don’t wait for the economy to wake up. There are plenty of organizations out there that are still in business, and chances are they – or their work-from-home employees – are using machines with Windows 7.

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