The Secrets to Mastering IT Service & Security Management

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Thank you for your interest in our webinar with customer Jay Sundberg, the lead security service manager for The AME Group, an innovative and rapidly expanding technology services organization based in the Atlantic Midwest region of the US.
During this IT tech service briefing, Jay revealed:
  • What nagging IT security and service issues drove him to build a better process
  • How he repurposed his pre-sales software tools for day-to-day IT security management
  • How his process made end users appreciate the value of IT management
  • How he got his technicians more engaged, motivated and satisfied with their jobs
  • How he was able to drive a radical improvement in the efficiency of his team
He also explained how his process works for a wide range of internal and external IT functions and showed the integrated set of RapidFire Tools products he uses to deliver:
  • Network hygiene and troubleshooting
  • Vulnerability scanning and management
  • Internal threat protection
  • IT security assurance and regulatory compliance

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