Solving The Great MSP Mystery – The Game Is Afoot!

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Find out the solution to the greatest mystery facing MSPs. Your expert sleuths for this adventure are the Sherlock of Marketers, Paul Green and the Detective of Networks Mark Winter.

During this thrilling session, Paul Green reveals how to solve most MSPs’ hardest puzzle: How to generate leads and turn them into MRR clients! Paul explains:

  • Why lead generation is uniquely difficult for MSPs
  • How ordinary business owners and managers think and act
  • A simple marketing system that any MSP can use. You’ll get simple, actionable steps that you can take away and implement

Then Mark shows you how you can use Network Detective Pro to discover the mysteries lurking in your prospects’ networks and how to use that information to win their business.

  • How Network Detective Pro goes way beyond just network discovery and documentation to provide real “value-added intelligence” to your IT Assessments.
  • How to strategically use what you learn from the discovered data to dislodge the competition.
  • How to use automated recurring assessments with existing clients to identify and sell new projects

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