Vulnerability Scanner Trials

Now Available For Pre-Qualified MSPs

We are now offering free product evaluations of Vulnerability Scanner to qualified MSPs who want an affordable solution for performing regular vulnerability scans to all their clients.

Complete. Automated. Priced Right.

Vulnerability Scanner is the first vulnerability scanning tool purpose-built for MSPs and licensed so that PRICE is no longer the barrier to performing as many scans as you want, as frequently as you want, across an as many assets as you want.

Now you can provide a critical, extra layer of cybersecurity protection to all of your clients as part of your basic managed services offering and use the alerts as your lever to sell in more comprehensive cybersecurity services.

With Vulnerability Scanner, you can:

  • Perform a monthly (or more frequent) vulnerability scan for every client as part of a “standard” managed services offering
  • Use the scan alerts to help demonstrate your value and differentiate your offerings
  • Use the scan results to upsell your clients on enhanced cybersecurity services you can charge for


I am interested in a free trial of Vulnerability Scanner. Please contact me.

Here’s how to Qualify for Your Free Evaluation:

1. You must be a managed service provider (MSP) or run an IT department inside an organization.

2. If you haven’t done so, visit the Vulnerability Scanner section of this website to learn more about the product.

    • Visit the Uses section to learn how to use Vulnerability Scanner to grow your IT organization
    • Visit the Survey section see how your situation aligns with hundreds of other IT professionals
    • Visit the How IT Works section so you understand how the eval will go

3. After doing your research, if you feel Vulnerability Scanner is a good fit for you and you have an immediate need, complete the form on this page.