Network Detective Client-Connector

Deprecated: Replaced with Reporter with Remote Data Collector The Network Detective Client-Connector is an add-on designed for IT service professionals who want to automate the regular or periodic collection of network data from multiple client sites, and have the resultant scans available for download directly into the Network Detective application.

Additional Information

The Client-Connector is designed to be used in conjunction with the various data collectors to transmit the resulting scans to cloud storage where it can be later downloaded directly into the Network Detective application. The automation of scanning and uploading can be done using Windows Task Scheduler or your RMM’s scripting engine.

This download is a zip containing the ndconnector.exe executable and a README showing the current command line options. The executable needs to be deployed/copied to the same computer where the scan result is stored.

NOTE: RapidFire Tools does not provide specific scripting support for any particular platform.
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