Hyper-V/VMware Virtual Appliance Installer – Inspector

Bootstrap install and setup program to install the Network Detective Inspector Virtual Appliance. The installer will download the appliance virtual images or can use previously downloaded virtual images.

Additional Information

Installation must be done on a Hyper-V/VMware enabled system. The install will create new virtual machines in Hyper-V/VMware as well as an internal virtual switch for internal communication between the VMs that compose the appliance. We recommend reviewing the installation guide before installing the virtual appliance.

Hyper-V Install Requirements:

  • Hyper-V Enabled Operating System (Windows 8.1+)

  • 6 GB Available RAM

  • 40 GB Hard Drive Space

VMware Install Requirements:

  • ESXi 5.5+

  • 6 GB Available RAM

  • 40 GB Hard Drive Space

Operational Requirements:

  • i5 Processor for dedicated use. Xeon server class processors for non-dedicated.

  • 16 GB Available RAM

  • 40 GB Hard Drive Space

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