RapidFire Tools
Server Installer – Cyber Hawk

Here you can download the Windows Installer for the Cyber Hawk Scan Server. You will install this on the target network when prompted during the setup process. You can now set up and deploy Cyber Hawk entirely through the RapidFire Tools Portal. See Cyber Hawk Web Console Quick Start to get started. Alternatively, you can continue to configure and manage Cyber Hawk through the Network Detective application. See Cyber Hawk User Guide for detailed instructions.

Additional Information

Installation can be done on any Windows computer meeting the system requirements and should be installed using an Administrative account.

Cyber Hawk System Requirements:

  • Windows Operating System (Windows 10 Pro or Windows 2016 Server and up)

  • 2 GB Available RAM

  • 500 MB Available Disk Space – Application

  • 5 GB Available Disk Space – Data Repository

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