Network Detective is the industry-leading IT assessment tool used by thousands of managed service providers to prospect and close new business, create new revenue-generating services, show value to customers, and streamline service delivery.

Network Detective goes way beyond just network discovery and documentation to provide real "value-added intelligence" to your IT Assessments. Our proprietary data collectors compare multiple data points to uncover hard to detect issues, measure risk based on impact to the network, suggest recommended fixes, and track remediation progress.

Whether you choose our non-intrusive IT Assessment modules, interactive IT Compliance modules, or any of the special-purpose software appliances, you'll find Network Detective to be an indispensable tool used by thousands of MSPs and IT Service Providers worldwide. The more modules and appliances you buy, the more ways you’ll find to improve your IT services and business profitability. A bold promise, yes. But Network Detective delivers, and has the industry awards and customer accolades to make the claim.


NON-INTRUSIVE IT ASSESSMENT MODULES Network Detective includes four different IT Assessment modules which are sold separately, but are often used by MSPs in different combinations depending on the network environment being managed. Each module supports a particular IT discipline and provides its own unique sets of reports, including Client Risk reports, Management Plans, full Detail reports and a range of specialty reports.

The Network Assessment Module is a general purpose IT assessment tool that’s ideal for generating a ton of useful information about everything connected to the network, and overall condition of the environment. The Security Assessment Module adds another dimension by including external vulnerability, user behavior, permissions, logins, deeper dive internal vulnerabilities (sold separately) and more. The Exchange Assessment Module provides a full scan of MS Exchange Servers and Office 365 instances to quickly get you all of the details of mailbox stats, users, shares, permissions and more – ideal for both Exchange migration projects and ongoing management. And the SQL Server Assessment module completes the set with additional specialized reports for anybody responsible for maintaining SQL Server including DBAs.

INTERACTIVE IT COMPLIANCE MODULES Take your service offerings to the next level with our line-up of interactive Compliance practice modules. In addition to automated data collectors, these advanced modules include dynamically-generated worksheets, interview forms and step-by-step controls to make sure your compliance assessments meet all requirements.

Our HIPAA Compliance Module is like having a security officer on staff and is optimized for performing comprehensive HIPAA Risk Analyses, and generating a complete set of HIPAA Compliance documents required under the Security Rule.

And our PCI Compliance Module is the only automated tool helping businesses that accept credit and debit cards stay in compliance with the PCI Data Security Standards. That includes retailers, online merchants, and mail order companies. Similar in approach to the HIPAA Compliance Module, the PCI tool combines automated collection of network data with information collected through observations, photographs and surveys. It also automatically generates the official documents that comprise a comprehensive PCI data security assessment. You can combine this module with the Inspector software appliance (see below) to perform the Internal Vulnerabilities Scan and the Layer 2/3 Network Diagram, which are mandatory requirements of PCI.

SPECIALIZED SOFTWARE APPLIANCES Rounding out the Network Detective product line are our specialized software appliances, which can be downloaded and installed on your own virtual machines, or purchased pre-installed on a small-form dedicated server.

Inspector™ is our software diagnostic appliance that performs deep dive analytics including Layer 2/3 scans for super-detailed network diagrams and reporting as well as comprehensive internal vulnerabilities scans. Inspector can be permanently attached to an individual client network for regular deep dive change reports or can be toted around to different client sites for ad hoc diagnostic testing. Detector™ is the first, and only, cyber security tool that delivers daily alerts on INTERNAL IT security issues, including anomalous user behavior, unexpected changes to the network, and other threats that firewalls just can’t catch. And our Reporter™ add-on tool automates it all, allowing you to remotely pre-schedule recurring scans using any of our non-intrusive data gathering tools, and then automatically generate and deliver any of our reports.


All of our core IT assessment and compliance modules are ideal for use on networks of your prospects as well as clients. Unlike any other IT assessment product, there are no agents, probes or software to install. The small executable scan files can run from a thumb drive plugged into any computer in the domain, and in most cases the scans can be completed in well under an hour. So while you’re walking around the prospect site, taking notes and making your pitch, Network Detective is diligently gathering a mountain of network data and saving it in a safely-encrypted file on your thumb drive. And when it’s done, it leaves no "traces" of your activity, no conflicts with other applications, no firewall issues, and nothing to remember to uninstall.


PROPRIETARY NETWORK DATA ANALYZER Network data collected by our scanners can only be unlocked and deciphered by the proprietary Network Detective data analyzer. Then, all the data is neatly organized, professionally formatted, and anything outside of industry norms and best practices is highlighted in red so you can quickly focus on the discovered issues. Each individual network scan is saved and archived for future reference and comparison. Our detailed Risk Scores go beyond just providing you with a single number on a scale. You also get the details behind the score, so you know what issues are generating the greatest risks, and a Management Plan to help you prioritize your resources in serving your clients.

MAKE THE REPORTS YOUR OWN Network Detective gives you the controls to easily tailor the reports to "make them your own."" Network Detective also includes In-Form™, which allows you to create your own IT check-lists, questionnaires, and IT SWOT Analyses to embellish your IT assessments. You can easily import photos taken on-site, and edit any of the automatically-generated reports based on information you collect from client interviews and on-site inspections.

But to really personalize your reports, we include an Enhanced Branding Package, which lets you easily brand the reports with predefined, professionally rendered themes, color-coordinated palette selections, image library, logo insertion, and report cover styles.

INTEGRATES WITH ALL LEADING PSA TOOLS If you use Autotask, ConnectWise or Tigerpaw as your Professional Service Automation (PSA) software, you’ll benefit from the key integration points built into Network Detective. Assets discovered by Network Detective during the network scan can be automatically imported as configuration items in your PSA – a great time-saver for maintaining systems and devices where you have no monitoring agents. Also, issues uncovered by Network Detective can be turned into tickets in your PSA with your choice of creating one ticket for each issue, or consolidating all issues into a single ticket. Users discovered with the Exchange Assessment Module can be imported as PSA contacts allowing you to get your help desk up-and-running instantly. And, no matter what PSA or CRM system you use, all Network Detective reports can be digitally saved and attached to your client records for easy access and reference.


No matter how you look at our pricing, when you do the math the return on your investment is obvious. Under our affordable subscription model and unlimited-use licenses, you can use any of our IT Assessment or Compliance Assessment modules for a full year and run an unlimited number of scans on an unlimited number of networks and produce an unlimited number of reports . . . all for one low, affordable monthly price. And you can save even more by pre-paying your annual subscription. The more modules you subscribe to, the less you pay per module with our different bundled pricing plans. Plus, everyone working at the same location gets to share the same Network Detective software license without paying any more. (A separate subscription is required for each physical office address or major metro area (MSA) where your company provides IT assessments using Network Detective.)


We didn't become the #1 IT assessment company by accident. We work hard to ensure that our software is easy-to-buy, easy-to-use, and does exactly what we promise. If you're not happy, we're not happy. That's why we give you a full month to try Network Detective after purchase. And if it doesn't meet your expectations for any reason, return it for a full refund; no questions asked.