Network Detective is the only IT assessment toolset on the market that is fast, easy-to-use, completely non-invasive, totally brandable, and affordable for any IT professional service firm. To learn more about the features and benefits of this tool, check out the video and summary table below.


Business Features Benefit
Simple to Use NO SOFTWARE OR AGENTS TO INSTALL! Scan an entire network from a single computer! All data collectors run in memory and when done, go away, saving time and eliminating client push-back.
Fast Most scans run quickly while you're on-site or via remote connection. Import the results into the data analyzer and generate branded reports in minutes, not the days that it would "normally" take. Use our scheduling tools to run scans on larger networks during low-demand times.
Unobtrusive / Non-invasive Not "monitoring" software. Data collector runs in memory with no changes made to system or network so 100% safe for prospecting. Very small footprint with no detectable performance degradation.
Completely Brandable and Editable Each report you generate with Network Detective can be branded with your company name, your logo, and your report cover image. Reports are output commonly editable formats such as Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), and Visio (.vzx).
Secure No business data or passwords are gathered or transmitted, and there is no need to modify your firewall settings which could in other situations compromise network or system security. All data collected (with the exception of an External Scan) is 100% local, so you know exactly where your customer's data is at.
Helps Win New Clients Each Network Detective module includes a special report designed to help you win new business. The summary-level Risk reports reveal the issues that were discovered, but not the support details needed to correct the problems.
Identifies Critical Issues Gives you the information necessary to confirm client concerns and issues, and uncover new potential issues to close new business and keep competitors out of existing accounts. Find issues others miss with the available Internal and External vulnerabilities scans.
Modular Many different reports available in four separate IT Assessment modules, two different Compliance modules, plus our Inspector software appliance.
Subscription-based Pay with low monthly installments or save more when you pre-pay your annual subscription. Either way, you’ll have unlimited access to the tools for a full 12 months. Run as many reports within the modules you subscribe to, on as many networks as you want.
PSA Integration The Network Assessment Module includes integration with Autotask, ConnectWise and Tigerpaw, allowing you to push discovered assets into your PSA as configuration items, create tickets from issues, and auto-create contacts based on Exchange scans.
Off-Network Discovery Includes a separate scanning tool to use on computers that are not attached to the network, including Macs. Allows for a seamless consolidation of individual off-network computer data back into master network reports.
Automated Data Collection and Cloud Storage Use your favorite scripting tool to schedule scans, then the optional Client-Connector™ add-on gives you the ability to automatically upload the data to our secure cloud storage facility making it directly accessible for downloading into your Network Detective application.
Best Practice Deviation Reporting Highlights in red issues that merit further investigation. For example, an offline domain controller.