All of our subscription products come with an unconditional 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee. Subscribe to one or more Network Detective modules or appliances today – even if you already have one -- and use it for a full month. If you aren’t thrilled and delighted, just let us know and we’ll refund every penny.

But if you feel the need to evaluate our software before you subscribe, we offer a Limited Edition trial version of the Network Assessment Module for just $49.95. The Limited Edition includes the same non-invasive Network Data Collector, and our proprietary Network Data Analyzer, as well as the same user interface as our subscription product. The difference is that you are limited to a single network scan, and you can only produce the Network Assessment Client Risk Report and Full Network Assessment report. After you run your trial scan, you can then opt to include the Network Diagram for an additional $25.

If you decide to subscribe, you’ll have access to the rest of the Network Assessment reports, and you’ll be able to run an unlimited number of network scans and generate an unlimited number of branded reports – including the Network Diagrams – for an entire year. (Please note that the money back guarantee applies to all our subscription products. It is not offered for the Limited Edition version, which is available on a per use basis.)

The following exclusive reports and features are NOT AVAILABLE with the Limited Edition trial and ONLY available with a subscription to the Network Assessment Module:

  • Network Site Diagrams. Optional in the Limited Edition, these diagrams are included with your subscription and show a multi-layer visual drawing of the network structure, organized by type of asset. Each asset is displayed with basic identifying information and color-coded by its operational status.
  • Asset Detail Reporting. For each network scan this report provides detailed information on individual assets. The report is ideal for cataloging and documenting the complete settings and configurations for individual workstations and servers.
  • Report Customization. Select from multiple report themes, colors, and pictures to produce a coordinated look and feel that represents your company image and is designed to dazzle your prospects and clients with standout looking reports.
  • Management Plan. The Management Plan lists and prioritizes issues remediation by risk severity. On an ongoing basis the report automatically strikes through issues that have been fixed and adjusts the overall Risk Score accordingly.
  • Quarterly Business Review. This report compares one time period to a previous one forming the basis for a Quarterly Business Review meeting. It centers on changes rather than detailed data and shows overall trending. Use this report to encourage "face-to-face" meetings and improve stickiness with your customers.
  • Change-Management Report. Compares the data from any two full network scans you've run and only highlights what has changed. Great for discovering new devices, users, trends, and loss detection.
  • SWOT Analysis. This report is a structured method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats affecting an IT network.
  • InForm™ Surveys and Interviews. Our powerful auxiliary report engine works from a large library of pre-loaded Best Practice topics and questions so you can create IT checklists, Site Interviews, and Network Surveys of items to manually check or inspect to supplement your automated assessments.
  • PSA Asset Integration. All assets discovered can be pulled into an Excel or CSV file format for easy transfer into your favorite help desk, CRM, or PSA solution. Direct integrations with Autotask, ConnectWise and TigerPaw included.
  • PSA Ticket Integration. All issues and corresponding recommendations uncovered by Network Detective and listed in the Health reports can be auto populated into a single ticket or multiple tickets in Autotask, ConnectWise or TigerPaw for streamlined workflow.
  • Marketing Collateral. Create customized sales data sheets in three easy steps that allow you to select the main color scheme and layout, drop in a library of header images, and edit the offer elements. Produce great looking collateral in minutes!
  • Sample Branded Reports. Download sample report data and then print all the report sets for the module subscriptions you own with your customized look and feel and your own company logo. Great to have when doing presentations and prospecting.
  • PowerPoint Output. With a subscription to Network Detective you not only get printed reports in Docx format but many of the reports can be output to PowerPoint for great looking slide shows in a snap.
  • Data Browser. Use the data browser to drill into computers, users, databases, Exchange and other specialized queries to quickly get access to important network information.
  • Organization by Site. The use of Sites is a powerful feature that lets you organize assessments by logical groupings. Create a Site for every prospect, customer or to designate physically separate locations for the same customer. Sites also store report preferences such as themes, logos and other default information to help you stay organized and save time!
  • None of the Security Assessment Module reports.
  • None of the Exchange Assessment Module reports.
  • None of the SQL Server Module reports.
  • None of the HIPAA Compliance Module reports.

Samples of all of our reports are available for each module on this website. But the best way to appreciate the full value of Network Detective is to run all the reports on your own network. Subscribe today. You have 30 days to run a scan and generate all the reports. If you don't like the results, uninstall the software and we'll give you a complete refund!

"There's amazing value in this tool. You can sell it as a project for incremental income. You can bundle it into your existing service as a great way to add value. Or you can offer up the Client Summary Risk report as a free service to get your foot in the door."

Alan Edwards
President, Whitehorse Technology Solutions