Network Detective – MacOS X64 Computer Data Collector

The MacOS X64 Computer Data Collector is a Mac application that is run on individual computers (workstations or servers) to collect information for that system. Use this to collect computer information from macOS systems to be merged into the network data collection. Download this version for X64 architecture.

Additional Information

This data collector is a version of computer data collector only and cannot perform Security Assessments or Network Data Collection.

This download is a tar gzip file and does not require installation. Unzip it, then launch the application using the commands below with admin (root) privileges.

tar zxf computerscanner-osx-x64.tar.gz

Output is a “.cdf” file with the default filename <computername>-<mac_address>.cdf. Copy this file for merging with the ZIP/NDF file when importing into the Network Detective application.

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