Push Deploy Tool

The Network Detective Push-Deploy Tool pushes the local data collector to machines in a specified range and saves the scan files to a specified directory (which can also be a network share). The benefit of the tool is that a local scan can be run simultaneously on each computer from a centralized location.

Additional Information

The Push-Deploy Tool can be run from any machine on the network. Multiple types of scans be run simultaneously for higher efficiency. The output CDFs (and other formats) from the local scans can then be automatically uploaded using the Client Connector Network Detective add-on and downloaded to the Network Detective application for use in report generation. Documentation can be found in Appendix V of the Network Detective User Guide.

This tool can perform the following scans: Local Computer Scan, Local Security Scan, HIPAA Quick Scan, HIPAA Deep Scan (HIPAA related information), PCI Quick Scan, PCI Deep Scan (Primary Account Numbers), and PII Scan (Personally Identifiable information).
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