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Our Ongoing Commitment To Innovation

As part of the growing Kaseya family of companies, RapidFire Tools continues to deliver innovative features that give IT professionals more visibility into their network environments. Take a peek at some of our latest new features:

    • Application Vulnerability Scanning (Windows)

      Released Sept 21st, 2023

      VulScan can find vulnerabilities in more than 200 different software applications running in the Windows OS. The vulnerabilities in these applications can be detected via a lightweight discovery agent installed on any Windows machines.

    • Remote Internal Vulnerability Scanner

      Released June 29, 2023

      Our newly released feature facilitates efficient, remote internal vulnerability scans via a VulScan Proxy. It allows a single external scanner to service multiple sites, making it a perfect solution for resource-limited locations that can't host a standard VulScan server or virtual machine

    • macOS Discovery Agents

      Released May 15th, 2023

      Perform scans on macOS and Linux systems in addition to Windows. Network Detective Pro pulls in detailed data to feed dyanamic reports, including Full Detail Report, Full Detail Change Report, Excel Export, and Asset Detail Report.

    • AWS Export to IT Glue

      Released March 23, 2023

      Integration to populate IT Glue Organization’s flexible assets with AWS assessment data (EC2, IAM, RDS, S3, Services, Region)  

    • Datto Continuity "HERO" Report

      Released March 23, 2023​

      This "HERO" Report, combines all asset information from BCDR, Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure, Cloud Continuity for PCs, and Datto SaaS Protection, all into a standard Network Detective Pro report.

    • Vulnerability Trend Reports for VulScan

      March 2nd, 2023​​

      Track the vulnerabilities over time, including total new and total resolved. Easily filter by date range and scan type.  

    • End User Initiated Computer Scans

      Released December 8th, 2022​​

      Send a custom link to any end-user by email to have them initiate a data scan of their own device -- no technical knowledge or complicated instructions required.  

    • Organizational Updates from IT Glue

      Released November 23, 2022​​

      Instantly onboard new organizations inside of all the RapidFire Tools applications directly from IT Glue. Organizational updates made in IT Glue automatically update all RapidFire Tools orgs. 

    • VulScan Discovery Agents

      Released October, 2022​​​

      Install vulnerability discovery agents directly onto any workstation or server, including Workgroups and Work-From-Home machines.  

    • Network Detective Pro + AWS Cloud Assessments

      Released September, 2022​

      Automated AWS Infrastructure discovery and reporting made easy. 

IT Assessments & Reporting

Discover & Report IT issues Before they become big problems

  • Automatically collect data from every device
  • Prioritize remediation based on objective risk scores
  • Generate reports and presentations at the push of a button
  • Trouble-shoot issues faster
Network Vulnerability Management

Identify IT vulnerabilities before the hackers do

  • Schedule automated scans for ongoing protection
  • Prioritize remediation using severity-based alerts
  • Respond faster with built-in technical guidance
  • Reduce risk with every scan
Network Vulnerability Management
Change & Internal Threat Detection

Detect Changes and Anomalous Activity Before They Take You Down

  • Catch unauthorized log-in attempts
  • Track suspicious changes to network settings
  • Discover accidental misconfigurations that create risk
  • Identify anomalous user behavior
Compliance Process Management

Stay compliant with any IT security requirement

  • Manage and automate compliance for any standard
  • Simplify IT policy manual creation and tracking
  • Identify risk and monitor corrective actions
  • Engage end-users the compliance process
  • Efficiently manage third-party vendor risk
Compliance Process Management