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Supports all major standards and frameworks

Assess your compliance for the most common standards such as NIST CSF, HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, SOC 2, GDPR and many more.

Fully automated process management

Automatically collect data, generate risk assessments, create dynamic plans of action and produce evidence of compliance.

Third party vendor assessments

Easily manage the compliance requirements of your vendors with a built-in self-service portal. Make it easy for third parties to complete assessments against any standards you pick.

Built-in end user training, tracking and reporting

Train and test users on IT security awareness to reduce risk. Track and report on user training participation and attestation to policy documents.

I recently entered the field of compliance and cybersecurity, so there was an overwhelming amount of information to absorb and process.. Compliance Manager GRC's control-based system with clear descriptions and guidance fast-tracked my understanding of each standard and how to actually implement them.

Nicholas Feistel
Contigo Technology

Compliance Manager is an essential tool in our stack which provides not only the optimum reporting and analysis for client compliance, but also provides a competitive advantage in our cybersecurity programs.

Moss Jacobson
CTN Solutions

Compliance Manager is the only tool available that not only does a scan of the target network(s) and assembles findings related to technical controls, but allows you to assess administrative and physical controls also, then aggregates all those findings in its report set. Fantastic!

Wes Reynolds
NetSource One

We love the ability to manage multiple standards simultaneously. Implementing Compliance Manager into our client base and been a great addition. When conversations around a cyber security vulnerabilities happen, the recommendation of a solution is easier for the client to digest. The perception changes from an upsell to a, “I must meet this standard and this is how we demonstrate it."

Brian Filippone
Long Island Server Solutions