Measure Risk with Automated Network Scanning Tools

Automate collection of data across the entire network to identify and respond to risk. Network Detective Pro is an IT assessment solution that identifies risks and issues, scores their severity and presents them in actionable dashboards and dynamic reports.

Make Your Network Assessments Work for You

Enhance network visibility and gather data from across the IT environments you manage. With Network Detective Pro you can uncover, prioritize, and manage risks and issues.

Improve issue discovery with automated network scanning

Ensure the integrity of your systems with automated data collectors. Network Detective Pro uses non-intrusive data collectors, light-weight discovery agents, and powerful scanners to identify risks quickly.

Respond to incidents and troubleshoot with speed

Reduce risk efficiently with detailed management plans and remediation guidance that scores network threats and issues based on severity. Customize which IT issues are reported and the importance that they are given in an assessment.

Show value with executive and technical reporting

Gain insights with automated reports. From technical reports for documentation and troubleshooting, to high level summaries for executive presentations. Demonstrate your value to any IT stakeholder.

See How Network Detective Pro Works

Staying ahead in the rapidly evolving IT landscape is crucial. Network Detective Pro elevates your network management capabilities by providing an advanced platform for comprehensive network analysis and risk assessments. Network Detective Pro goes beyond traditional IT assessments by offering automated, real-time data collection and analysis across various network environments.

Whether dealing with on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid systems, this tool ensures you have a complete and current view of your network's health and security posture. Its sophisticated algorithms automatically identify and score risks, enabling you to prioritize your response efficiently. Experience the seamless integration of technical risk assessments, remediation planning, service ticket automation, and executive reporting in one intuitive platform.

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Powerful Features for Your Network Scanning and Assessments

Network Detective Pro is a comprehensive solution that provides deep insights into your network infrastructure. Its innovative and powerful capabilities allow you to easily gather information and monitor your network's health, vulnerabilities, and performance.

Full coverage network scanning

Gain increased network visibility through the most comprehensive network scanning techniques. Such as non-intrusive scans on Windows, macOS and Linux, as well as remote data collectors and light-weight discovery agents.

Multiple network assessment types

Reduce risk across multiple threat vectors with a variety of assessments. Focus your assessments on networks, security, cyberattack risk, MS-365 environments or SQL servers. Including Active Directory, Azure AD (Active Directory), AWS (Amazon Web Services) and more.

End-to-end scheduling and automation

Increase the efficiency and frequency of your assessments with automated data collection and analysis. Then Display insights with detailed reporting, while saving time and further minimizing risk.

Standard and proprietary risk scoring

Prioritize risks based on unique risk scoring algorithms as well as industry standard CVSS and Microsoft Secure Scores. Tackle the most important risks first, based on severity, likelihood of threat and impact on your organization.

Online dashboard with drill-down data explorer

Save time by accessing all discovered data from anywhere, any time through the RapidFire Tools online portal. The dashboard displays the summary info you need. Then drill in for the details and guidance on any discovered risk or issue.

Workflow integrations with other applications

Seamlessly convert discovered issues into PSA service tickets, or into ITGlue for updated network documentation. Pull in data from VulScan, Dark Web ID, MS 365 and other apps to generate expanded reports.

Try Network Detective Pro's Cyberattack Risk Assessment feature

The Cyberattack Risk Assessment is a special feature that makes it extremely quick and easy to remotely spot-check computers on any network and look for hidden vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a successful phishing attack, malicious insider or hacker who has managed to breach your firewall.

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A Buyers Guide to Network Assessment Tools

Automated Network Assessment Reports for Every Use Case

Network Detective Pro provides an extensive library of dynamic reports populated with the data from your network scans. The automated branding engine customizes the look and feel of the document to match your organization. Troubleshoot issues faster with technical reports and show key stakeholders the value of what you do.

Executive infographic summary reports

Get a high-level overview of your network health on several topics, with charts, graphs, and vital explanations in a non-technical language. Use them to communicate IT issues, risks and progress to a non-technical.

Risk summary reports

Review all discovered issues and risks, each scored based on its severity and impact. MSPs use these reports to close business with prospects. IT departments use them to present network risks to key stakeholders for resource allocation.

Risk management plans

Act on full details on all issues and risks discovered, including the risk score and expert advice on recommended remediation steps. IT technicians use these reports to ensure the most important risks and issues are addressed first.

Full detail reports

Compile a complete snapshot of the state of a network at specific points in time. Everything discovered is presented as line items in an organized, editable report. Problem areas are conveniently highlighted in red. Use for documentation and troubleshooting.

Technical business reviews

This document is ideal for Managed Service Providers and IT department heads to use as part of regular stakeholder reviews. It includes key performance indicators, addressed and current issues, SWOT analysis, and action plans.

Detailed ⁠IT change reports

This spot check compares what has changed from one period to another. Including changes to computers, users, access, storage, peripherals and more. Use it to quickly see changes since the last assessment and verify that planned changes have been executed.

End-user data reports

Choose from several reports of end-user data and activities coming from active directory and tracking of user behavior. This is a resource for IT technicians to correlate end-users with various network assets to assist in technical support and data hygiene.

Cloud infrastructure and risk reports

Perform complete assessments on all main Microsoft 365 Services. Including Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange. You can also generate reports on Azure, Active Directory and Amazon Web Services.

Our Ongoing Innovation in Network Assessments

Network Detective Pro Online

Introducing Network Detective Pro Online – a web-based tool for IT assessments that MSPs can benefit from. This platform simplifies IT operations through automated data collection and analysis, real-time monitoring and reporting, and offers over 100 customizable report types. It’s ideal for various IT environments, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid systems. Enhance your operational efficiency and gain comprehensive IT insights with Network Detective Pro Online.

Released December 14, 2023

Network Detective Pro Online

Cyberattack Risk Assessment

Perform a quick and easy spot check of any network with Network Detective Pro. Scans can be run by any end-user via a personal link. It's completely safe with no installs. The assessment tool is fully automated, and the brandable risk report is generated within minutes of the scan to provide a snapshot of the risks on any network.

Released May 1, 2023

Cyberattack Risk Assessment

macOS Discovery Agents

Perform scans on macOS and Linux systems in addition to Windows. Network Detective Pro pulls in detailed data to feed dyanamic reports, including Full Detail Report, Full Detail Change Report, Excel Export, and Asset Detail Report.

Released May 15, 2023

macOS Discovery Agents

AWS Export to IT Glue

Integration to populate IT Glue Organization's flexible assets with AWS assessment data (EC2, IAM, RDS, S3, Services, Region)

Released March 23, 2023

AWS Export to IT Glue

Datto Continuity "HERO" Report

This "HERO" Report, combines all asset information from BCDR, Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure, Cloud Continuity for PCs, and Datto SaaS Protection, all into a standard Network Detective Pro report.

Released March 23, 2023

Datto Continuity "HERO" Report

End User Initiated Computer Scans

Send a custom link to any end-user by email to have them initiate a data scan of their own device -- no technical knowledge or complicated instructions required.

Released December 8, 2022

End User Initiated Computer Scans

Organizational Updates from IT Glue

Instantly onboard new organizations inside of all the RapidFire Tools applications directly from IT Glue. Organizational updates made in IT Glue automatically update all RapidFire Tools orgs.

Released November 23, 2022

Organizational Updates from IT Glue

Network Detective Pro + AWS Cloud Assessments

Automated AWS Infrastructure discovery and reporting made easy.

Released September 1, 2022

Network Detective Pro + AWS Cloud Assessments

What Our Customers are Saying

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Fantastic documentation tool It gives a great overview and helps a lot during the documentation process, especially when we take in new customers. It's very easy to set up and can be run "on-prem" without uploading data to the cloud which is important for some of our customers.

Christoffer H

Network Detective simplifies and automates endpoint data collection for hardware audits. Install the agent on one Domain Controller, collect information for virtually all domain-joined endpoints effortlessly.

Damon Y

Saves time and money. The automated data collection has literally cut our time investment in customer reviews in half. The product quickly and easily produces a list of actionable reccomendations that we can provide to our customers.

Shawn W

Outstanding support for my consulting practice. The deployment and reporting has saved my team so much time. I can focus on our clients and the actions we are recommending

David M

Great experience using Network Detective Pro to discover and generate needed IT data for our clients. Network Detective Pro is very helpful when trying to generate reports for our technology Business review meetings with our clients. Network Detective Pro Makes it easy to compile and present these much needed reports when we need them most!

Connie S

One of a kind tool for MSPs. I like how much time this saves us in gathering all network information. Sure, I could find out this information manually (like I used to), but the single best way to become more profitable is through automation. This tool standardized our sales and on-boarding processes with great results.

Timothy T

Featured Workflow Integrations for Network Detective Pro

As part of the IT Complete Suite, Network Detective Pro works seamlessly with:

Network Detective Pro + Vulnerability Management

Network Detective Pro automatically pulls data from VulScan to deliver enhanced risk assessment reports.

Explore VulScan

Network Detective Pro + IT Change Detection

Cyber Hawk generates alerts for the critical IT changes included in Network Detective Pro's change reports.

Explore Cyber Hawk

Network Detective Pro + IT Compliance

Network Detective Pro enhances the compliance assessments generated by Compliance Manager GRC.

Explore Compliance Manager GRC


Win new business, expand client relationships, and drive recurring revenue with comprehensive risk management and compliance services. Protect your clients better while earning a greater share of their IT spending.

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IT Departments

Foster safer, more compliant operations with automated, data-driven IT assessments. Measure risk to optimize and secure your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Network Detective Pro and Network Scanning

A network security assessment is a thorough evaluation of how safe an organization's computer network is. It looks at things like the network's structure, systems, and rules to find any possible weaknesses or risks. The assessment involves carefully studying the network's security measures, rules, and ways of doing things to see if they are effective at stopping unauthorized access.

Here is why a network assessment is crucial:

  • A network assessment gives you an in-depth analysis of your IT environment to help you make informed decisions regarding system upgrades and overall maintenance.
  • It gives you a clear roadmap to help you revamp your IT infrastructure, helping you save money and giving your team the time to focus on strategic activities.
  • A strong network assessment gives you full visibility into your organization's network to chalk out a proactive security strategy against global cyberthreats as well as end-user vulnerabilities.
  • Network assessments expose loopholes in your current operations, presenting you with opportunities for improvement.

A network assessment should be seen as an invaluable tool for refining critical processes that even the most competent IT pro might have overlooked. However, to get the most out of a network assessment, one must take a holistic approach and include the following crucial components:

Network assets

A network asset is any data, device or component that supports a company's IT infrastructure such as hardware, software and physical devices. The assessment will help identify devices that are obsolete, vulnerable or nearing their end, which in turn will reveal devices that may not be meeting compliance requirements.

IT security framework

There has been a major shift in the cybersecurity landscape, with expert cyberthieves constantly on the prowl looking to exploit system vulnerabilities. This means organizations can no longer merely rely on antivirus and strong passwords. An assessment of the IT security framework helps companies find existing vulnerabilities in their systems and the subsequent security assessment report can help strengthen their infrastructure.

Performance analysis

The aim of an IT infrastructure is to ensure the smooth flow of data. A network assessment helps identify over- or under-utilized technology that affects the overall performance of the network. Based on the analysis, IT pros can allocate resources to enhance system performance.

Cloud setup

With organizations becoming increasingly dependent on the cloud, it is crucial that businesses leverage cloud computing technology. Whether you are using cloud-based services for backup, recovery and file-sharing, or to run cloud-based applications, building a solid security infrastructure is a must.

A network assessment is extremely valuable for IT departments to make more informed and strategic decisions with maximum cost-efficiency. The process can be performed manually by a team of analysts and engineers who will first need to create the assessment and then run tests to get a comprehensive understanding of the IT network. However, this can be tedious and time-consuming.

Through the use of automated network assessment tools, results can be achieved in the timeliest and most resource-efficient way, allowing you to take advantage of advanced capabilities. With an automated tool such as Network Detective Pro, you can scan a massive amount of network, cloud, asset and user data. Its non-intrusive scanners can scan and help you prepare hundreds of customizable reports within minutes without burdening your IT professionals.

A network assessment tool is a software solution that helps businesses streamline and automate network assessments. A network assessment tool has several easy-to-use features that help MSPs and SMBs save time and money, ensuring resources are used effectively. Here are some features to look for in a network assessment tool:

  • The ability to non-intrusively collect detailed information on all network assets, including those not physically connected to the network.
  • The ability to Identify risks from misconfigurations, network vulnerabilities and user threats.
  • The ability to support all environments, from on-premises to remote, to the cloud, to work-from-home
  • The ability to produce highly customizable value-proving reports.

Flowbite is an open-source library of interactive components built on top of Tailwind CSS including buttons, dropdowns, modals, navbars, and more.

Whether you are an MSP managing several clients or an SMB, a network assessment tool can help you build an efficient IT management plan. Here is how you can do it:
  • Admins can use a network work assessment tool to evaluate the overall health of their client's IT infrastructure and identify areas of improvement to further optimize performance.
  • You can use a network assessment tool to ensure your business or your clients are in full compliance with necessary regulations by conducting regular network assessments, carrying out remediation efforts to fix the discovered issues and documenting the entire process.
  • Companies can utilize network assessment tools to identify network configuration errors that can then be fixed to enhance the security of their network.
  • While prospecting for new clients, MSPs can run non-intrusive scans to gauge the scope of work and generate insightful reports to justify the need for their service.
  • Both MSPs and businesses can regularly run scheduled automated assessments as part of their IT management plan to maintain network and system health.