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Full coverage network scanning

Gain increased network visibility through the most comprehensive network scanning techniques. Use non-intrusive scans on Windows, macOS and Linux, as well as remote data collectors and light-weight discovery agents.

Multiple network assessment types

Reduce risk across multiple threat vectors with a variety of assessments. Focus your assessments on networks, security, cyberattack risk, MS-365 environments or SQL servers. Including Active Directory, Azure AD (Active Directory), AWS (Amazon Web Services) and more.

End-to-end scheduling and automation

Increase the efficiency and frequency of your assessments with automated data collection and analysis. Then Display insights with detailed reporting, while saving time and further minimizing risk.

Standard and proprietary risk scoring

Prioritize risks based on unique risk scoring algorithms as well as industry standard CVSS and Microsoft Secure Scores. Tackle the most important risks first, based on severity, likelihood of threat and impact on your organization.

I just closed a deal with a medical practice that has two locations, due in large part to my Network Detective Pro reporting. I really think it gives me the upper hand when I walk in the door - especially if I am bidding against other firms. They can't produce anything near what we show up with on the first day!

Kurt Bullock President
Bridge Technology Group

We love Network Detective because it saves us time and money while providing a amazing value to our customers. It has replaced hours of work and correlation from our RMM tools with a simple wizard based interface. Our customers love it because it provides excellent benchmarking and documentation

Greg Bazar
Iron Fish LLC

Network Detective has allowed me to enter and document a network initially in 30 minutes and then print out the entire report as network documentation.

David Suarez
ADS Technology Corp

We have been able to go into meetings and really impress the decision makers with the reports generated from the super easy-to-operate interface. We run the assessments often, generate the report and compare them to previous. It's the most impact we have had for a relatively small amount of overhead.

Curtis Brownley CIO
Infinity Technologies