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Enhance network visibility and automatically gather data from across the IT environments you manage. With Network Detective Pro you can uncover, prioritize and manage risks and issues.

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Full coverage network scanning

Gain increased network visibility through the most comprehensive network scanning techniques. Use non-intrusive scans on Windows, macOS and Linux, as well as remote data collectors and light-weight discovery agents.

Multiple network assessment types

Reduce risk across multiple threat vectors with a variety of assessments. Focus your assessments on networks, security, cyberattack risk, MS-365 environments or SQL servers. Including Active Directory, Azure AD (Active Directory), AWS (Amazon Web Services) and more.

End-to-end scheduling and automation

Increase the efficiency and frequency of your assessments with automated data collection and analysis. Then Display insights with detailed reporting, while saving time and further minimizing risk.

Standard and proprietary risk scoring

Prioritize risks based on unique risk scoring algorithms as well as industry standard CVSS and Microsoft Secure Scores. Tackle the most important risks first, based on severity, likelihood of threat and impact on your organization.

What Our Customers are Saying

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Fantastic documentation tool It gives a great overview and helps a lot during the documentation process, especially when we take in new customers. It's very easy to set up and can be run "on-prem" without uploading data to the cloud which is important for some of our customers.

Christoffer H

Network Detective simplifies and automates endpoint data collection for hardware audits. Install the agent on one Domain Controller, collect information for virtually all domain-joined endpoints effortlessly.

Damon Y

Saves time and money. The automated data collection has literally cut our time investment in customer reviews in half. The product quickly and easily produces a list of actionable reccomendations that we can provide to our customers.

Shawn W

Outstanding support for my consulting practice. The deployment and reporting has saved my team so much time. I can focus on our clients and the actions we are recommending

David M

Great experience using Network Detective Pro to discover and generate needed IT data for our clients. Network Detective Pro is very helpful when trying to generate reports for our technology Business review meetings with our clients. Network Detective Pro Makes it easy to compile and present these much needed reports when we need them most!

Connie S

One of a kind tool for MSPs. I like how much time this saves us in gathering all network information. Sure, I could find out this information manually (like I used to), but the single best way to become more profitable is through automation. This tool standardized our sales and on-boarding processes with great results.

Timothy T