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Upgrade Your Old Modules

Trade In Your Legacy Network Detective Modules And Go Like A Pro!

If you first subscribed to Network Detective before April of 2021 and never upgraded to Network Detective Pro, you're missing out on some game-changing features that will take you to the next of IT Assessments, Discovery and Reporting! And the great news for many existing legacy Network Detective customers is that you can upgrade for minimal extra cost!

Here's a summary of what you get:

  • End-user Initiated Cyberattack Risk Assessment
  • Network Detective Pro Discovery Agents
  • Enhanced macOS & Linux Data Collectors
  • Infographic Executive Reports
  • Full Automation (Includes Reporter)
  • Risk Score Overrides/Risk Score Modifications
  • Group Report Selector
  • Layer 2/3 Diagram report
  • Azure AD Infrastructure data collection
  • Automated MS Cloud assessments
  • Dark Web ID integration to show ACTIVE credentials
  • VulScan Workflow Integration
  • Export Reports into IT Glue

It's a Whole New Network Detective Pro World!

New Infographic Reports
Expanded & Automated
Adjustable Risk Scores
On-Line Dashboard
More Integrations

Use Network Detective Pro Every Day!

There's more to Network Detective Pro than just prospecting for new clients, or scoping out a new network environment that you're about to acquire.

Network Detective Pro is designed to live permanently on every network you manage. The multi-tenant architecture allows you to set up separate organizations and separate sites for automated recurring data collection. Each site can be set up the same way with global settings, or customized with their own unique scanning and report generation tasks.

Be in-the-know about every asset and user touching your network environment you touch, and every time a change takes place on all the client networks you manage. Then turn all that data into meaningful reports that you can use throughout the managed services lifecycle to work faster and create new revenue opportunities.

Improve Your IT Security Posture

Network Detective Pro includes some unique security assurance components that every IT professional needs. Igorance may be bliss, until what you don't know results in a data breach. Setting up Network Detective Pro to perform regular scans of your network — on-prem and in the Microsoft Cloud — keeps you in-the-know by generating several reports designed to highlight new security-risks and provide guidance on how to handle them.

You get all of the reports that are included in the old Security Assessment Module, plus specialty security reports from the MS Cloud Assessment module, and others not available at all through the old version of Network Detective.

Get More Value Out of IT

Network Detective Pro is the industry-leading IT assessment tool used by thousands of IT professionals to justify spending on key IT projects and services, demonstrate value of the things they do, and streamline IT management delivery.

Network Detective Pro goes way beyond just network discovery and documentation to provide real “value-added intelligence” to your IT Assessments. Using the full power of all of our collectors, you get multiple data points to uncover hard-to-detect issues, measure risk, provide recommended fixes, and track remediation progress.

A Seamless Upgrade Experience

The great thing about upgrading to Network Detective Pro is that it's a completely seamless experience. Once your upgrade is processed, you will automatically have access to all of Network Detective Pro, including any modules and reports you don't have today, the full automation that was included in Reporter, plus any feature enhancements and new reports that have been built specifically for Network Detective Pro.

We'll stop billing you for your legacy Network Detective modules at the same time we start billing for Network Detective Pro. So your extra total out-of-pocket cost is truly incremental. We have different licensing models for MSPs and IT Departments. But either way, you get it all including all the new features, reports and data collectors we have on the roadmap for the next three years!

Take Advantage of Our Incredible Upgrade Offer

If you currently have an active subscription to any of our older Network Detective legacy modules, you cash them in and apply the balance toward full credit toward a new 3-year Network Detective Pro subscription! You read that right. We will cancel the remainder of your current legacy subscriptions, you can immediately take advantage of the power of Network Detective Pro with just an incremental investment over what you currently pay . . . and we we will lock in that price. So there's no reason to continue missing out on everything Network Detective Pro can do to grow your business.

Take a look at what you'll be getting for your incremental investment:


  • Includes Network, Security, SQL, Exchange Assessments
  • Includes updated MS Cloud Assessment, including Azure AD and Azure Infrastructure data collection as well as AWS infrastructure!
  • Includes deeper-dive Layer 2/3 diagram reports
  • Includes new Discovery Agents for work-from-home computers
  • Includes new non-technical infographic summary reports
  • Includes ability to override/change issue scores
  • Includes tighter integrations with IT Glue, Dark Web ID and VulScan
  • And lots more!


  • Includes all automation features of Reporter
  • Schedule recurring assessments to adapt instantly to change for all clients.
  • NEW: MS Cloud assessments can now also be automated!
  • NEW: Automated schedule of agent-based data collectors

Priced Right

  • Save 45% compared to the cost of the combined individual old legacy modules
  • Get credit for the remaining balance of your legacy module subscriptions
  • Lock in pricing for 36 months!

Get A Quote, Then Get Going!

Existing Network Detective customers can use a special form to request a quote. It will go directly to your Account Manager, who will look up your subscriptions, confirm the amounts you are paying now and provide you with an official upgrade quote.

And, if you currently spend more than $499/mo. for your legacy modules, your account manager will give you options to apply the extra credits toward new subscriptions to VulScan, Cyber Hawk or Compliance Manager GRC.

See EULA for general terms & conditions.

Request Your Upgrade Quote

What Our Customers are Saying

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I just closed a deal with a medical practice that has two locations, due in large part to my Network Detective Pro reporting. I really think it gives me the upper hand when I walk in the door - especially if I am bidding against other firms. They can't produce anything near what we show up with on the first day!

Kurt Bullock President
Bridge Technology Group

We love Network Detective because it saves us time and money while providing a amazing value to our customers. It has replaced hours of work and correlation from our RMM tools with a simple wizard based interface. Our customers love it because it provides excellent benchmarking and documentation

Greg Bazar
Iron Fish LLC

Network Detective has allowed me to enter and document a network initially in 30 minutes. I can show the client the Visio diagram as an initial item, and then print out the entire report binded as their network documentation. The client thinks I spent hours putting it together. In reality, it only took me an hour between collection and printing.

David Suarez
ADS Technology Corp

The Security Assessment Module has been fantastic for us. We have been able to go into meetings and really impress the decision makers with the reports generated from the super easy-to-operate interface. We have also made this part of our ongoing services for existing clients, we run the assessments often, generate the report and compare them to previous reports to let clients know we are on top of it. It’s the most impact we have had for a relatively small amount of overhead.

Curtis Brownley
Infinity Technologies