Control risk across every device. Every user. Everywhere.

Automatically identify, trouble-shoot and report on hidden issues, risks and threats with our suite of IT Assessment and Compliance tools.

  • Network Detective Pro Automate network scanning, assessments and reporting.
  • VulScan Harden your network to stop unseen vulnerabilities.
  • Cyber Hawk Detect unauthorized network changes and suspicious activity.
  • Compliance Manager GRC Track & manage compliance with IT requirements.

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Your Complete IT Risk Management Toolkit

Each of our tools are complete, automated and priced to be affordable for any organizaton. They work alone, or as a powerful stack that is tightly integrated through a common web-based portal, shared users and sites, and deep workflow integrations that reduce risk and drive improved IT management efficiency.

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With the suite RapidFire Tools dashboard and reports it’s really simple to show customers the evidence of the improvements you are making to their environment.

Jay Sundberg
The AME Group

RapidFire Tools has really helped us grow all areas of the business. It’s something that we not only use on the cybersecurity side of the company, but also across the entire corporate digital forensics element as well. We can pitch and win new services as a result of using RapidFire Tools.

Darren McGuff
Cyber Network Security Consultant, CYFOR Secure

We love Network Detective because it saves us time and money while providing a amazing value to our customers. It has replaced hours of work and correlation from our RMM tools with a simple wizard based interface. Our customers love it because it provides excellent benchmarking and documentation

Greg Bazar
Iron Fish LLC

I see the whole suite of tools as the Swiss Army Knife. You could use a component of this toolset to do something meaningful in any situation.

Jay Sundberg
Security Services Manager at The AME Group

VulScan is a reputable product that not only protects your systems. It also protects third party programs. Everything being automated by choice is also an amazing feature. This helps the team collaborate and removes a lot of time that would be needed from other team members. There are many benefits that makes VulScan highly valuable to any IT Department or Company.

Kevin Shirley

We have added many security products, but Cyber Hawk has been the only one that was able to be used by all of our non-security specialized staff to provide relevant information and value right out of the box.

Scott Putnam CEO
Apex Technology Management, Inc.

I recently entered the field of compliance and cybersecurity, so there was an overwhelming amount of information to absorb and process.. Compliance Manager GRC's control-based system with clear descriptions and guidance fast-tracked my understanding of each standard and how to actually implement them.

Nicholas Feistel
Contigo Technology

Great software to secure your systems and networks.

Aman B

What attracted us to RapidFire Tools was the intelligent automation, its simplicity and how straightforward it is to use. It's easy to conduct the scans that previously would have taken us several hours to do; we can now complete them within an hour.

Darren McGuff
Cyber Network Security Consultant, CYFOR Secure