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Network Detective Pro has helped us find weak points for potential new clients. The information it gathers is incredible! Once new business is won, we use the Network Detective Pro network admin report as the starting point to securing and making our client’s lives easier and more productive. I actually look forward to clients whose report comes back with a 7 or higher because there will be that more sense of accomplishment. Network Detective Pro is extremely easy to use and gathers a tremendous amount of information!

Ryan Luering
Reachout Technology

I just closed a deal with a medical practice that has two locations, due in large part to my Network Detective Pro reporting. I really think it gives me the upper hand when I walk in the door - especially if I am bidding against other firms. They can't produce anything near what we show up with on the first day!

Kurt Bullock President
Bridge Technology Group

The Security Assessment Module of Network Detective has been of great use to our business. We use it in all aspects of our business. We’ve found it to be a great addition when we are doing our initial assessments for clients. Some consultants just give potential clients a “feeling” of how their network stacks up – now we can show them proof! We added it to our suite of provided services for our fully managed service clients, at no extra charge to them. Now they are getting more value for their money! And it gives us yet another point to show clients the value we bring to the table. We also like to use it as an internal check to make sure we are doing our job properly.

Jeff Sumner
TechGuides, Inc.

We love Network Detective because it saves us time and money while providing a amazing value to our customers. It has replaced hours of work and correlation from our RMM tools with a simple wizard based interface. Our customers love it because it provides excellent benchmarking and documentation

Greg Bazar
Iron Fish LLC

Network Detective has allowed me to enter and document a network initially in 30 minutes. I can show the client the Visio diagram as an initial item, and then print out the entire report binded as their network documentation. The client thinks I spent hours putting it together. In reality, it only took me an hour between collection and printing.

David Suarez
ADS Technology Corp

The Security Assessment Module has been fantastic for us. We have been able to go into meetings and really impress the decision makers with the reports generated from the super easy-to-operate interface. We have also made this part of our ongoing services for existing clients, we run the assessments often, generate the report and compare them to previous reports to let clients know we are on top of it. It’s the most impact we have had for a relatively small amount of overhead.

Curtis Brownley
Infinity Technologies

The Network Assessment and Security Assessment modules have allowed Insite to provide better client service, specifically for new customers who are migrating to Insite’s Managed Infrastructure Services. It allows us to quickly get a snapshot of the environment and assess what must be done prior to onboarding the client. It is important that all of our contract customers follow Insite’s best practices to ensure seamless service. The documents produced by the tool are very impressive and help us justify a new proposed service; helping us win new business for both existing customers and new customers.

Doran Kaminski
Insite Computer Group Inc.