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MSP Crash Course: Vulnerability Management-As-A-Service

Session 1

Debunking The Top 10 MSP Myths

( 8 Minutes )
Session 2

Essential For Your IT Security

( 9 Minutes )
Session 3

Secret Sauce Behind How It Works

( 15 Minutes )
Session 4

The V-MaaS Blueprint For MSPs

( 12 Minutes )
Session 5

How To Guarantee Your ROI

( 6 Minutes )

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You may not have heard about Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service (V-MaaS) before. But that’s only because, until now, it’s been almost impossible for an MSP to be able to perform regular network vulnerability scans for every client — regardless of size — and still make a profit.

All that’s changed with VulScan! This is a robust network vulnerability scanning solution with a licensing model that is purpose-built to give MSPs UNLIMITED SCANNING at any client site for one low, fixed cost.

Learn how to profit from an add-on service that every client needs!

  • What stops MSPs from offering this critical security service
  • What risks every MSP — and your clients — face through “errors of omission”
  • How network vulnerability scanners work
  • How to create, package, price and sell a add-on IT security service
  • How to guarantee you make a ton of money!

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Session 1:

Debunking The Top 10 MSP Myths About Vulnerability Management

If you’re not providing regular vulnerability scanning for ALL your clients, chances are you’re carrying around some misconceptions based on out-dated technologies and lack of current best practices. In this 8-minute introductory session, we cover the top 10 reasons why MSPs don’t perform network vulnerability scanning for as many clients as they should, and as often as they should.

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Session 2:

Why Every MSP Needs To Regularly Perform Vulnerability Tests For Every Client

There’s better than a 50-50 chance that one of your clients is going to suffer a data breach as the result of a cyber attack. If you address known vulnerabilities on a regular basis, the risk of an actual breach drops dramatically. In this 9-minute second session, we explain the differences between a vulnerability and a threat, and share the latest alarming statistics about the rise of cybercrime — and how IT security is now a key factor the clients are looking at in evaluating whether or not to keep the MSP they currently use.

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Session 3:

How Vulnerability Scanners Work and Quick Tour of VulScan’s Key Features

Understanding that you need to be performing regular network vulnerability scans for all your clients is just the beginning. But having the right tools that enable you to efficiently and effectively deliver the service is quite another. In this 15-minute technical video we first review a schematic diagram of our network vulnerability management architecture and data flow, and then jump right into the VulScan product to show you key features you need to deliver vulnerability management-as-a-service.

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Session 4:

How To Create, Package, Price and Sell Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service

MSPs have long strugged to figure out how to add Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service (V-Maas) to their IT security offerings . . . and get their clients to pay for it. In this 12-minute session, we give you a complete blueprint with specific details on how to create four different levels of high-value vulnerability management services that perfectly meets the need of every client, and that’s affordable for them and profitable for you.

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Session 5:

How To Guarantee Profits Delivering Vulnerability Management Services

Your clients are going to expect you to deliver a basic vulnerability management service to reduce their risk of a breach when hackers attempt to gain access. But you can’t lose money in the process of protecting your clients. In this final 6:30-minute installment in our series, we walk you through the numbers using our exclusive ROI calculator and show you how to determine your profit margins on our recommended plans, factoring in all costs.

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VulScan is a reputable product that not only protects your systems. It also protects third party programs. Everything being automated by choice is also an amazing feature. This helps the team collaborate and removes a lot of time that would be needed from other team members. There are many benefits that makes VulScan highly valuable to any IT Department or Company.

Kevin Shirley

VulScan quickly allows you to determine vulnerabilities and see the CVSS scores for each, allowing for easy prioritization of remediation efforts.

Mark Creasman
ATCOM Business Technology Solutions

We struggled getting into the security aspects of our business, but VulScan has provided an option that didn't require an expert just to get started and has allowed me to dive into the deep end with confidence.

Dean Wagner
Cranston IT

VulScan gives visibility into issue that no other tool in my toolkit can provide. It also gives a great way to track these issues, report false positives and overall manage the vulnerabilities in the system.

Grant Boyles
Computer Networks, Inc.