Our add-on consulting service will push your sales efforts towards your ultimate goal. With unbeatable training and professional sales enhancement tools, we’ll build your teams’ confidence and expertise to help you sell bigger and close more deals.

What Goal Assist Can Do for You:

Sales meetings

We can virtually attend your sales meetings by web conference or phone to help you sell Network and Security Assessments and Compliance-as-a-Service. Let us help to drive home that you are the subject matter expert and help educate your clients and prospects.

Sales training

We’ll help train your sales team to present and sell services like experts, including tips and tricks to overcome objections, and practice sessions to increase confidence and close more business


Let us be your guest speaker or provide you with a pre-recorded webinar to help educate your clients and prospects on the threats out there today. Let us help drive home the importance of assessing and maintaining compliance.

Recorded video

Pre-recorded video segments that are brandable for you to use at live events, webinars, and more, covering different topics and positioning you as the subject matter expert.

Event support

Our team can help you prepare for lunch & learns, seminars, webinars, trade show events, golf outings and more. We’ll share what has worked for some of our most successful customers.

Get up to five hours of sales and marketing assistance free with a 3-year subscription, $799 value.

Draft our team to assist your MSP team to exceed their goals today.