Our product implementation service is designed to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your RapidFire Tools. We provide your team with foundational best practices, customized guidance, tools, resources and tips that will ensure your ongoing success with our products.

What Our Onboarding Process Looks Like:

Welcome Orientation

As soon as you purchase one of our products, you’ll get an immediate welcome email with instructions on how to access your software as well as links to schedule your personal training. You’ll also get access to our robust Learning Management System for additional training resources that are available to you on-demand.


Within a few days or less you’ll be introduced to your Account Management and Customer Success Teams, whose only jobs are to make sure that you are delighted with your purchase and get the value out of it that you expect and deserve. During your initial call we’ll review the implementation process, establish expectations, and verify your requirements.

Product Training

Whether you are new to a product or rediscovering it, it’s essential that you have the product knowledge building blocks for success. Yes, compared to most technical IT software, RapidFire Tools are easy to access, install and use. But there’s a lot more functionality than most users expect, and many short-cuts, tech tips, best practices and varying network environments that can impact how our products perform. We will educate you and your team on the basics of your product including data collection, report generation, or software appliance configuration.


Much of this information is standardized, and can be easily consumed by you, at your convenience, using our pre-recorded training materials. But our success team is always available during business hours to help you along.

Personalized Guidance

Once you master the basics of the software you’ve purchased, the next stage of your  training is all about getting you up and running, using your new tools to make more money and improve service delivery. We ensure that you have a grasp of the fundamentals, walk you through advanced features, and offer personalized guidance for your unique challenges.

Implementation Consulting

In most cases you can get through the schedule training sessions quickly, and within days will have a thorough understanding of your tools. However, even after you have completed the basic training, our Customer Success Specialists will continue to be available to provide you with additional consultation on specific deployments, product integrations, and best practices.

Ensuring Your Success

In order to verify that all deliverables have been met, we encourage all customers to sign-off upon completion of onboarding. We gather feedback for internal process improvement.

Includes MSP Sales & Marketing Jumpstart

Your onboarding also includes our MSP Sales & Marketing Jumpstart resource at no additional charge! You’ll get a set of sales sheets, email templates, Infographics, PowerPoint/webinar presentation decks, two dozen images and a marketing campaign for the product you purchased. You also get product sales training included in with your onboarding service. It’s an incredible value-add!

Maintaining a dedicated team and specialized resources to ensure customer success requires a huge investment on our part. That’s why we add to every software purchase a modest one-time Rapid Ramp onboarding and training service charge. We’re confident that you’ll see the value of this service and be glad to have availed yourself of this program.