Powered Services Pro is designed to equip and empower MSPs with the best and most valuable assets and tools to go to market successfully and profitably. The program includes proven marketing and lead generation strategies, professional sales enablement material, and training for effective execution.

Powered Services Pro is an active and growing resources portal, combining the skills and experience of former MSPs, channel support members and sales and marketing experts in every asset. New tools and collateral are added regularly, and our team maintains those assets for optimal effectiveness.


Not only that, with Powered Services Pro, you can unlock access to source files, original materials and exclusive content to make the edits you need for your business.


Not a graphic designer? No problem. With your Powered Services Pro membership, you get multiple color selections to more closely align with your company’s brand. Simply choose your color and utilize the built-in co-branding tool within the platform.

With Powered Services, you get:

Exclusive Product Collateral

New go-to-market resources are added quarterly for each product line, available exclusively to our Powered Services Pro members. Here’s a sample of the types of assets available for your use:

  • Sales sheets and product briefs
  • Infographics
  • Sales presentation templates
  • Graphics
  • Promotional animated videos and clips
  • Sample landing page content
  • Sales and marketing email templates
  • Sample blog articles and social posts

Monthly Marketing Campaign Kits

Each month, we add a new ready-to-use digital marketing campaign kit built for you to use as part of your marketing strategies. The monthly campaign kits are built for each of three categories: Backups, Compliance and Security*.


2 – Fully curated blog articles
2 – Marketing email templates
12 – Graphics for use on social platforms
12 – Sample social posts
1 – Fully white-label sales/marketing resource

Quarterly Sales & Marketing Training Sessions & Keynotes

Looking to inspire and motivate your team to crush their revenue goals? With Powered Services Pro, your entire team will gain special access to exclusive in-depth sales and marketing training and coaching modules tailor-made to supercharge your success.


A new training series is delivered every quarter and consists of 4-6 live training sessions and keynotes, delivering a thorough deep dive into unique and effective Sales and Marketing Strategies.

Goal Assist Enhancements

Your success is our success! Let us help you achieve your sales goals faster with one-on-one marketing and sales coaching and collaboration. Our team of Channel Success Managers will empower your team to get more prospects and close more deals.



  • Sales and marketing coaching for new employees
  • Guidance and support for launching new products and solutions quickly and profitably
  • Help planning and preparing for webinars, in-person presentations or industry events
  • Remote vendor support on webinars, delicate sales calls or large-scale opportunities

Powered Services Pro Exclusive:

Now Includes Semel Systems Training.

Mike Semel’s targeted, expert guidance can quickly transform you into a cybersecurity and compliance authority in hours, not years. As a former MSP, Semel has distilled years of industry experience into concise, effective programs that can help you maximize your managed services offerings and revenue. Semel Systems include videos, checklists, forms, and templates designed to yield optimal success.


You can buy each program module separately from Semel Systems for a one-time payment, or get them all for free when you subscribe to Powered Services Pro. Click on the GET TRAINED button below and scroll down to the Powered Services Pro section on our order form.


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Take advantage of the lead accelerator program built right into the Powered Services portal. The new feature will optimize the coaching and collaboration time with your Channel Success Manager and includes custom playbooks designed to help you bring more deals across the finish line.


Powered Services Pro is a value-added subscription available only for customers of Kaseya family companies, and only with three-year subscriptions. 

Advance your business with Powered Services Pro.