Network Detective gives your team an extreme advantage.

Attracting and closing new business takes focused time and energy. It’s nearly impossible to find time to prospect and close new business with everything else you’ve got going on. We get it.  That’s exactly why we created some “killer” close tools to give you the upper hand.



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Assess Most Networks in Under 30 Minutes

Network Detective’s network and security modules quickly scan a prospect or client network.  It’s so easy to do that even a non-technical person can perform an assessment with just a few minutes of instruction.

Produce Fully Brandable Risk Reports in 5 Minutes

Instead of spending up to a week or more creating a mediocre presentation, now you can produce fully brandable, awesome looking reports and slideshows in minutes. Guaranteed to make you standout from the competition and clinch the sale!

Create Accurate Quotes

Set expectations and don’t leave money on the table by leaving out a laptop or two! Provide accurate quotes knowing Network Detective’s scanning technology has identified all servers, computers and devices.

Show Your Value by Exposing Issues and Risks

Network Detective finds issues the current provider has missed or ignored. Produce a Management Plan to fix these mistakes and build trust and goodwill.

Find New Project Work

Assessing your client’s environment on a regular basis keeps you up to date on changes to their network, leading to new projects and additional services.

Prospect to Your Heart’s Content

Our unlimited-use subscriptions allow your team to run as many scans on as many networks as you want. So, why not offer “free” network assessments?  It’s the proven, best way to open doors. 

You and your company have done a great job developing this product line. It has been both helpful and lucrative for my new and growing business. Great job my friends!

Ron Bowers, President, nVisionIT Solutions

The tool is amazing. I used it yesterday on a new client that was on the fence. I ran the tools and printed and bound 3 books worth of reports. We reviewed them with the prospect and they not only signed up immediately for a 1 year commitment of $20,000, they also purchased an upgraded firewall. Where has this been all my life?

Eric Munoz, President, Mutech Computer Services, Inc.

I just now closed a deal with a medical practice that has two locations due in large part Network Detective. It gives me the upper hand when I walk in the door ESPECIALLY if I am bidding against other firms.

Kurt Bullock, President, Bridge Technology Group

The last assessment I did was for a client in a different city. Assessment, customization of the report, two 30 minute calls = $3000 check 🙂 I owe you. . . Thanks again.

Alan Edwards, President, Whitehorse Technology Solutions

I purchased your tool and it has already paid off. We were able to gain 40 hours of remediation work as soon as we analyzed the report with the client 😉

Zack Brown, Presdent, AppTech

The best tool I have worked with to get a snap shot of the client's work environment. Very effective diagrams that impress our clients within a short time!

Noel Sebastiampillai, Networth