Losing a customer is painful in so many ways. . .

In addition to lost revenue, a dissatisfied client can cause damage to your reputation. To keep your customers happy, you need to frequently communicate the value of the services you provide. You might be doing a terrific job, but out of sight means out of mind. On top of that, other MSPs are out there trolling for new business and your customers are their targets.  Network Detective makes it easy to produce awesome looking reports and documentation that highlight the value you deliver month after month.



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Keep Communication Open

Client satisfaction is impossible without good communication. Network Detective’s automated Quarterly Business Reviews and PowerPoint presentations transform customers into fans.

Deliver Ongoing Network Health Reports

Impress your clients by providing regular IT assessments showing network health through objective Risk Scores.  If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Provide Meaningful Information

Producing reports is tedious and consuming.  Your time is better spent elsewhere. Tell your story and connect with your customers through a set of awesome looking, relationship building reports, at the push of a button.

Double Check Your RMM Software

Network Detective is low cost insurance against critical issues your RMM might miss.  Do you want to risk losing a customer because a patch hasn’t been updated?

Accurately Set Expectations From the Start

Set client expectations correctly which means knowing what you’re agreeing to support. Use Inspector to perform a layer 2/3 discovery and run a Network Assessment for complete asset details.

Find Issues Your RMM is Not Even Looking For

Stay fully in-the-know. A comprehensive scan of a client’s network provides insight that RMM does not.  You might even pick-up additional project work.

Our clients expect us to be doing our job better than anyone else; when we use these tools, they help us to do just that. The clients love getting information about their network status and the inventories.

Jeff Sumner, TechGuides

Cyber Hawk is a wonderful automated scanning/reporting tool that provides our clients with confidence and peace-of-mind that their network systems are being monitored and managed, and gives us an edge over other standard IT providers.

Allan Ogilvie, General Manager, ComputerWorks

Cyber Hawk is the best tool for detecting internal threats to the network.

Matt Larson, VCIO, Hagan Business Machines of Meadville, Inc.

The best tool I have worked with to get a snap shot of the client's work environment. Very effective diagrams that impress our clients within a short time!

Noel Sebastiampillai, Networth