Our products are building blocks to new and exciting managed services.

Build your business by adding new and exciting, revenue generating services to your catalog. Not only do these services give you a competitive edge, they also provide a reason to re-engage your clients in fresh conversation.

Featured Products

Product Benefits

Open New Lines of Revenue


Offering a variety of unique services increases your value as an MSP and gives you the opportunity to upsell.

Offer Compliance


Compliance regulations require many businesses to maintain mandatory documentation for HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and other standards. With our tools you can become a compliance guru too!

Stand Out from the Pack


Broaden your catalog to differentiate yourself from the competition and demonstrate expertise in highly technical areas such as compliance and security.

Offer High-Value Security Services


Security is not just about commoditized anti-virus and firewall. Cyber Hawk for internal threat detection gives you a way to offer profitable, high-value security services.

Tailored Security Services


Cyber Hawk lets you design your own catalog of Security Service Plans with a unique set of features to match what you want to sell and support.

Unlimited Use, Fixed Cost Subscriptions


Network Detective and Cyber Hawk have simple, fixed cost annual subscriptions that allow your team unlimited use of the products. So, be creative and come up with new ways to offer even more services!