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He didn’t know what he didn’t know
Or what he couldn’t see on his network ...

New software and devices were continually added by employees without notice. Unauthorized IT assets add risk and support issues.

IT Data is siloed inside different applications with different interfaces He wasted time bouncing back and forth between different tools and admin menus

IT Issues and risks must be quickly identified, prioritized, and acted upon He needed better tools to react more effectively and efficiently.

Problem Solved !

He Got Network Detective Pro for fast and easy IT assessments.
  • Automatically collect data from every device
  • Prioritize remediation based on objective risk scores
  • Generate reports and presentations at the push of a button
  • Trouble-shoot issues faster


She couldn’t get the information she needed to address vulnerabilities fast enough. 

New vulnerabilities hit her without warning, and they were invisible. She didn’t have the tools to perform vulnerability scans on a regular basis, creating more risk.

She couldn’t keep up with the constantly changing Network vulnerabilitiesHer budget wouldn’t allow her to set up multiple scanners to cover every asset. It was like playing Russian Roulette!

The other tools she looked at were way too complicated She needed something that was easy to set up, use, and maintain, yet with all the main features he wanted.

Problem Solved !

She got Vulscan to harden her network and stay on top of new vulnerabilities.
  • Schedule automated scans for ongoing protection
  • Prioritize remediation using severity-based alerts
  • Respond faster with built-in technical guidance
  • Reduce risk with every scan


He was being asked to deal with internal IT security threats with the same people, tools, and resources.

His cybersecurity defenses were heavily focused on protecting the perimeter.  He didn’t know that 72%  of breaches are the result of unauthorized access inside the firewall.

He didn’t couldn’t tell where there were unauthorized network changes and activities going on. Hackers know how to hide their activities from conventional reporting tools.

He inherited tools that buried him in the torrent of IT data, making them useless. He became “numb” to the threat from too many alerts and false positives.

Problem Solved !

He got Cyber Hawk to detect unexpected changes and insider threats.
  • Catch unauthorized log-in attempts
  • Track suspicious changes to network settings
  • Discover accidental misconfigurations that create risk
  • Identify anomalous user behavior


He’s getting hammered from multiple directions with new IT requirements and has no way to track and manage compliance.

He got told by the sales team that company wants to go after government contracts.He needs to implement the CMMC standard, but doesn’t know what controls to set up, or what reports she needs.

His company filed a claim with their cyber insurance company, and now she needs to respond to their IT audit. He wasn’t familiar with the insurance policy terms, and has no way to produce evidence of compliance.

His CISO is under pressure by the board to regularly report on the company’s security posture. He’s being asked to establish IT security benchmarks and show progress against any compliance gaps

Problem Solved !

He got Compliance Manager GRC to manage IT security for her company.
  • Built-in templates and guidance for any standard
  • Role-based to include other company stakeholders
  • Generate evidence of compliance with cyber-risk policy terms
  • Manage employee and vendor compliance with your policies

Solve Your Network Visibility Problems:

Each of our products is a stand-alone tool that is sold separately, but tied to the others through a common web-based portal, shared users and sites, and deep workflow integrations that reduce risk and drive improved IT management efficiency.



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