Improved Risk Management for IT Departments

Focus risk management resources where they will make the most impact and keep your team ahead of the threats with RapidFire Tools automation and reporting.

Manage IT risk effectively

Discover issues wherever they hide on your entire network with a toolkit that provides a layered approach to risk management.

Increase technician efficiency

Streamline remediation and automate documentation with RapidFire Tools risk management plans.

Control IT risk management costs

Respond to IT audits without the fire drills. Avoid costly lawsuits and fines by proving due care.

The Security Assessment Module has been fantastic for us. We have been able to go into meetings and really impress the decision makers with the reports generated from the super easy-to-operate interface. We have also made this part of our ongoing services for existing clients, we run the assessments often, generate the report and compare them to previous reports to let clients know we are on top of it. It’s the most impact we have had for a relatively small amount of overhead.

Curtis Brownley
Infinity Technologies

VulScan provides the ability to be organized and methodical when adding context for triage and remediation for threats. The integration into Compliance GRC is a HUGE plus!

Ryan O'Halloran
Access One

In the first three weeks we had it in place it detected several issues on the network, from relatively minor issues like old Acrobat versions to machines with no active A/V Solution, a machine with a Virus that was sitting around waiting to be executed named Explorer.exe, and many more things. A great product, and the easiest tool in my toolbox!

Gabriel McAtee Solution Architect
FlexManage, Inc.