Business Growth



PROBLEM: His business was stagnating...

He needed new ways to make money.

He struggled to find new clients willing to talk about how he could help them. Most prospects aren’t even aware of the risks and issues they have.

His existing clients rarely wanted to meet, and didn’t appreciate what he was doing for them. Limited face-time and remote service delivery made it hard for his to communicate his value.

His clients were bringing in competitors for services he could have delivered he needed better tools to help his identify new opportunities before his competitors

Problem Solved !

He Got Network Detective Pro to win new business and expand client relationships.
  • Show prospects the risks & issues they’re missing​
  • Show your clients what you’ve done for them lately​
  • Identify and justify to clients new projects and services
  • Improve service delivery with automated data collection and reporting

PROBLEM: Vulnerability scanning is expensive.

And she couldn’t get her clients to pay for it. 

She knew her clients had internal and external vulnerabilities, but couldn’t prove it to them. She needed reports with risk scores that her clients would understand.

She had some clients that were required to perform vulnerability scans, but she had to outsource it. Her budget wouldn’t allow her to set up multiple scanners to cover every client. It was like playing Russian Roulette!

The other tools she looked at were way too complicated She needed something that was easy to set up, use, and maintain, yet with all the main features he wanted.

Problem Solved !

She Got VulScan to deliver Vulnerability Management-As-a-Service.
  • Schedule automated scans for ongoing protection
  • Prioritize remediation using severity-based alerts
  • Respond faster with built-in technical guidance
  • Reduce risk with every scan

PROBLEM: He wanted to expand his cybersecurity offerings

But didn’t know where to start.

Basic cybersecurity tools were getting commoditized. Everyone offers anti-spam, anti-virus, dark web scanning and firewalls. He needed something unique.

He had a good team of technicians but none of them were cybersecurity experts.He needed a “plug-and-play” solution that had enough built-in features, functions and guidance that he his team could actually use.

He looked at a bunch of SEIM products, but they were way too complicated and noisy.He became “numb” to the threat from too many alerts and false positives

Problem Solved !

He got Cyber Hawk to deliver internal threat detection services.
  • Discover suspicious network changes​
  • Track down anomalous user behaviors​
  • Scan daily and get alerted to new threats
  • Find misconfigurations that create risk

PROBLEM: His clients need IT security and compliance.

He lacks the tools and expertise to deliver.

His healthcare clients were outsourcing their HIPAA compliance services to someone else. He was missing a big revenue opportunity and was afraid the other MSP would steal his business.

All his clients have cyber risk insurance policies, and they are all loaded with different IT security requirements. He has no way to keep track of them all, and no way to prove he’s complying with the terms in the event of an insurance company audit.

He has a standard set of IT security products that he deploys to all clients, but no way to know for sure that they’re working. His techs sometimes make mistakes or forgets to do things, and he has no way to prove compliance with his own policies and procedures.

Problem Solved !

He got Compliance Manager GRC to manage IT security assurance for his clients.
  • Deliver compliance management services for any standard
  • Engage your clients in their own IT security
  • Keep tabs on ALL IT requirements, regardless of source
  • Manage employee and vendor compliance for your clients

Solve Your Network Visibility Problems:

Each of our products is a stand-alone tool that is sold separately, but tied to the others through a common web-based portal, shared users and sites, and deep workflow integrations that reduce risk and drive improved IT management efficiency.



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