Support Process

RapidFire Tools customers can contact RapidFire Tools Support in the following ways:


Email submission of a Support request

Call our Support Line (678-323-1300 option 1)


Technical Support Team

Our Technical Support Team is here to assist with your technical product issues. Our Technical Support Team can be contacted via telephone, or email submission to, which is the preferred contact method. The Technical Support Team is available to assist you with your Network Detective products 5 day per week (Monday through Friday from 8AM-8PM EST) and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency requests by email submission to


Scope of Technical Support

RapidFire Tools Technical Support provides technical assistance to active RapidFire Tools customers. Support includes general assistance with RapidFire Tools products, workarounds and bug fixes. Please note, RapidFire Tools does not provide a guarantee for resolution times, release dates, or feature requests. If an issue is determined to be caused by a 3rd party hardware device or software application, customers will need to contact the 3rd party for support and resolution. RapidFire Tools Technical Support primarily uses online and phone support to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible. If a support engineer has determined that it would be beneficial to access your environment directly, we may host a secure remote session with your knowledge and approval.


Customer Role

Before submitting a support request, please go through the following checklist, which will help in resolving your issue as quickly as possible:

  • Check Self-Service Resources in the Network Detective Help menu. Many questions have already been answered or can be quickly solved through our product documentation, videos, or Knowledge Base articles.
  • Clearly Define the Question or Problem. Define the issue, provide symptoms, steps tried, screenshots, how often the issue occurs, and the business impact, if any.
  • Collect Environmental and Product Information. Collect product information, including product version, relevant OS detail (Version, RAM, CPU), and other applicable infrastructure information that you believe may be relevant.
  • Contact Customer Service or Technical Support. Call or submit your support request by emailing us at, which will automatically open a ticket with Customer Service or Technical Support. When submitting a support request, provide as much detail as possible as described above.

Billing Matters and Other Customer Service Assistance

Our Customer Service Team can provide assistance with a number of topics including:

  • Updating your customer account, contact information, or billing address
  • Checking the status of an order or invoice
  • Reporting an issue with the website
  • Any license related issues such as registration, renewals and additional locations

Our Customer Service Team can be contacted via telephone, or email at RapidFire Tools is available to assist you with your service related questions 5 day per week (Monday through Friday from 8AM-5PM EST).