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  • Helpful tool to assist with meeting enterprise compliance requirements.

    Adel B

  • Very useful tool for discovering internal vulnerabilities Understand risks in the environment and use the information to remediate vulnerabilities. The interface is nice and shows the results clearly on your dashboard.

    Anderson B

  • Fantastic documentation tool It gives a great overview and helps a lot during the documentation process, especially when we take in new customers. It's very easy to set up and can be run "on-prem" without uploading data to the cloud which is important for some of our customers.

    Christoffer H

  • Great experience using Network Detective Pro to discover and generate needed IT data for our clients. Network Detective Pro is very helpful when trying to generate reports for our technology Business review meetings with our clients. Network Detective Pro Makes it easy to compile and present these much needed reports when we need them most!

    Connie S

  • Network Detective simplifies and automates endpoint data collection for hardware audits. Install the agent on one Domain Controller, collect information for virtually all domain-joined endpoints effortlessly.

    Damon Y

  • Outstanding support for my consulting practice. The deployment and reporting has saved my team so much time. I can focus on our clients and the actions we are recommending

    David M

  • It makes a lot of work an easy in effort, with this tool Vulscan is a great tool, and its the ability to provide valid and easy-to-understand product reports. We have gained time and lessened our frustration with other programs to identify the most critical variable of our clients. The integration that it gives us has allowed us to automate our scanning and reporting.

    David N

  • We can quickly pull up information when needed and add documentation when new gaps are discovered with ease. There's virtually no downtime, which gives us peace of mind about being able to provide proof of our compliance status anywhere, anytime.

    Erin H

  • VulScan the tool you need It helps discover the vulnerabilities with out having to use a third party auditor to discover them for you. Also, I have found that VulScan finds more than third party auditors do.

    Felix C

  • The Perfect Fit For Our Compliance Needs Compliance Manager GRC is easy to use. We've been able to implement the necessary controls by providing access to the appropriate key to members of our team with the knowledge to implement any required documentation and changes.

    Harry R

  • A product that just works. It is a simple to use tool that allows us to ensure our business practices are aligned with our compliance goals.

    Henry T.

  • With Compliance Manager GRC in our toolbox, we're able to master our HIPAA compliance without the previous headaches brought on by manually documenting our practices.

    Jill S

  • For me it's the user-friendly interface as well as scalability, as our organizations grow, their compliance requirements may become more complex. My clients appreciate the work we have done to ensure they have a centralized place to retrieve documents in case of an audit.

    John S

  • VulScan is the best VulScan is simple to use and is a powerful alternative to paying auditors for scans.

    Jonathon B

  • Compliance Manager makes it easy to perform security attestations for customers. You can fill out the data once per year and then use the report to submit to customers and vendors asking for security reports.

    Justin P

  • Takes compliance and makes it mamageable again. Before partnering with our compliance vendor and using compliance manager, we were stuck in the past documenting via paper, pen and storing in locked file cabinets. Compliance Manager GRC gives us a combined, easy-to-navigate portal to access our necessary compliance documentation anywhere, anytime.

    Kelly T

  • Compliance Manager GRC allows us to scan our client's networks and get accurate answers to many compliance answers. It also generates all the needed documentation and supporting forms needed to show compliance status, and scores.

    Matthew H

  • Simple, inexpensive vulnerability management platform. Multi-tenant console is great for managed service providers.

    Ray M

  • The ability to manage so many different clients on so many compliance frameworks is a blessing in itself. The ability to manage vendors, have client views and store artifacts is icing on the cake. Top it off with the cherry of robust reporting and exhibits is that cherry we all need.

    Roman S

  • Compliance manager meets our needs regarding ongoing managed compliance for our clients. It makes managing continued compliance easy and convenient. We're able to work in tandem with our clients to provide a comprehensive solution.

    Shawn D

  • Saves time and money. The automated data collection has literally cut our time investment in customer reviews in half. The product quickly and easily produces a list of actionable reccomendations that we can provide to our customers.

    Shawn W

  • VulScan is amazing! It has simplified our process for scanning interally and externally, all while giving us the flexibility and scalability our growing organization needs. As an MSP, our customers so far have enjoyed the streamlined benefits.

    Sheila K

  • A quality tool for those that need it. Replacing all of our manual documentation with a centralized repository for policy made our certification process much easier.

    Spiros S

  • A great additional layer for that next step in security. It provides additional information of vulnerabilities in an environment that helps demonstrate to clients (potential) the need for multi-levels of security. It shows areas that need to be addressed but also is an aid to present other security tools and measures.

    Stephen L

  • The best thing about this Compliance manager GRC is that it allows organisations to enforce policies and procedures related to IT security and regulatory compliance. It provides a centralised platform to communicate document and track adherence to these policies.

    Surya S

  • Great product. Easy to use, easy to implement, helps take some of the load off of us MSPs!

    Tabitha T

  • Makes managing our HIPAA securiy painless. We used to struggle with audits every month for HIPAA; it was a chore to maintain our documentation in a format that was easy to access and utilize.

    Tammy H

  • One of a kind tool for MSPs. I like how much time this saves us in gathering all network information. Sure, I could find out this information manually (like I used to), but the single best way to become more profitable is through automation. This tool standardized our sales and on-boarding processes with great results.

    Timothy T

  • Our one stop shop for compliance administration.

    Tyler S

  • Compliance is hard but Compliance Manager GRC eases the complexity!

    Wayne H

  • Compliance manager is easy to setup and use. It functions as a vital tool in our toolkit to ensure compliance for our client base. We have utilized other solutions in the past. However, the ability to integrate direct client interaction with scanning and reviewing makes it the perfect fit for our customers and us. The interface is intuitive, the scanning and integration is seamless and the centralized storage location of compliance documentation makes coordination and implementation much less painful.

    Zackary W